Beers I've Drunk (3)

Mon 06 June 2005 by Kevin van Haaren

Hmmm, this latest round of topics is making me out to be a drunk. Guess I better come up with some new topics.

In the meantime, my latest beer is from the Point Brewery. I must say I’ve been wanting to try Point beer for years. It’s the only beer I’ve had that came high recommended by a comic book. Mike Baron’s character the Badger frequently drank Point beer, which until recently seems to have been available just in Wisconsin.

When I saw bottles of Point available in the local HyVee (which has a good selection of beers for a grocery chain) I immediately picked a six pack up. I’m on my 3rd six pack (over a couple of months, not all tonight) now. Currently drinking the Special, but I think I like the Amber better. The special is just a bit too light in the flavor, even for me.

I really would like to try their white biere, Belgian white beers are among my favorite beers (Blue Moon is excellent, but that is for another post). And their Root Beer. I’ve been on a Root Beer kick to go along with my recent experiments in beer drinking.