Beers I've Drunk (1)

Sun 08 May 2005 by Kevin van Haaren

I’m in Baltimore. Had a lovely beer, with an unpronounceable name, that I’ve enjoyed before.

Yuengling Beer

I believe I had the “Premium Beer”. Yuengling (I think pronounced Ying-ling,) is out of Pennsylvania and seems to mainly be served mainly in the Northeast. The first time I had it was 2 years ago, also when I was in Baltimore. Then again a few months ago in Pennsylvania.

Oh, I don’t bother trying to descibe beer tastes as I’m terrible at that kind of thing. Just know my tastes run to “sweeter” or lighter beers. I don ...

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What I did on New Year's Vacation

Mon 03 January 2005 by Kevin van Haaren

Computerwise I had a busy weekend.

First, it’s the turn of the year so I changed out a bunch of my passwords. Even my pgp and ssh private key passphrases changed. Actually took me a while to go to the most common web pages i use and change my passwords. Not to mention all my root and user passwords on my linux boxen.

Then I learned how to setup an Apache DAV server (no not on this server, so don’t bother trying.)

Then I figured out how to setup a wiki server, these are pretty damn cool. I ...

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The World's Only Tape Eating Cat?

Fri 24 December 2004 by Kevin van Haaren

One of my 2 cats is the sweetest most well-behaved kitty you’d ever meet (the other, on the other hand, is a little ruffian.) However she has the weirdest habit I’ve ever seen — she loves adhesive, specifically tape and labels. I pick up the lint roller (don’t act all surprised, I have and use a lint roller, but only since I got the cats) and she is all around me wanting to eat the sticky sheets. Peel a price tag off, same deal. I have to actually put away my scotch tape rolls so she won’t ...

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Welcome to SuperFantasmoWorld!

Sat 13 November 2004 by Kevin van Haaren

Yeah, I changed the domain name. Something I do on occasion. The old URLs still work, but hey it was time for a new name.

I’ll probably redo the logo and the colors shortly too.


No more coffee

Tue 28 September 2004 by Kevin van Haaren

So it’s been a little over a week since my last cup of coffee. When I got the root canal I figured I’d be on so much pain medication it would prevent the withdrawal hangovers. Plus I’d already cut back to a single small (small to me) cup a day anyway.

Today is the first real day I went coffeeless and pain medicationless (well until I got a headache in the afternoon). Not too bad, although I do think the headache this afternoon was caused by caffeine withdrawal.

I haven’t given up caffeine totally, still drinking ...

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What a crappy week/month

Sun 19 September 2004 by Kevin van Haaren

woosh, what a crappy month. My internal mail server crashed about a month ago (yes I have 2 mail servers). The internal one actually holds all my mail (about 8 years worth of mail). The cyrus database pointing to all the mailboxes went corrupt.

I decided it went corrupt because I was running Gentoo’s unstable installation (also known as ~x86) and compiling installing too many experimental kernels (the mm-sources). So first I rebuilt the entire OS using the gentoo-dev-sources (I still wanted a 2.6 kernel for firewire & XFS support) and the stable (x86) packages. That was last weekend ...

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New Site Theme

Sun 05 September 2004 by Kevin van Haaren

Welcome to the new site theme. I grabbed it from I’m not totally happy with it yet, but I’ll tweak some things as I get time.

I think first I’ll try and get into a 2 column mode.

I do like my new logo though. I probably need to use some of the colors from the logo in the theme design.



Mon 26 April 2004 by Kevin van Haaren

There’s nothing like drinking for 21 hours of 48 hour period to really clear the sinuses right out. I am truly surprised I wasn’t hung over (or even more surprised that i’m not still hungover…) Not bad for an old dude. A list of alcohol types consumed, just the types, no quantities:

  • wine (3 or 4 different vineyards, at least 4 types in one vineyard)
  • beer (uh, probably around 10 different brands, including Stag)
  • rum
  • vodka
  • tequila