Werid Things I've Seen (3)

Tue 09 December 2003 by Kevin van Haaren

Just remembered this from my trip to Mississippi a few weeks ago (must’ve blacked it out of memory).

When I travel I end up spending lots of time in hotel rooms, and if said hotel room is sans fast internet connection the concept of hooking up the ‘ole laptop ~~to search for pr0n~~ to read the news is just a bit too much to bear. So I read. A lot.

In Mississippi I was bored out of my mind at nights so I read 3 or 4 books that week. I usually only bring a few with me, so ...

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Sat 29 November 2003 by Kevin van Haaren

Thanksgiving is my favority holiday. Christmas is my least favorite. Thanksgiving is so much more low key. Not all the stress of presents and all that. Just a good time for families to get together for a big ‘ol honking meal.

Of course with the good must come the bad. I refuse to buy a single thing the day after thanksgiving. People are freaking insane on the friday after. I didn’t even buy gas or go to the grocery store today, it’s my way of resisting the peer pressure.


Weird Things I've Seen (2)

Thu 20 November 2003 by Kevin van Haaren

So I was in Mississippi for a weeking fixing things. While there I was driving behind a Ford Explorer, you know an SUV thingies supposedly designed for off-road driving. The lady driving was dodging all the pot holes. What the heck is the point of owning an SUV if you’re scared to drive through a few pot holes?


October Sucks

Mon 13 October 2003 by Kevin van Haaren

October officially sucks. Of the 4 accidents I’ve been in since getting out of college 3 have been in October. 3 accidents in 3 years was bad (2 of those in October, 1 in August) but this month officially takes the cake.

Here it is not even halfway through the month and I had 3 cavities drilled and filled. A week of intense tooth pain after that, go back to dentist and get a root canal.

Now to top things off, I was driving down the road and some moron decides to make a right turn from the center ...

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Weird Things I've Seen (1)

Sun 31 August 2003 by Kevin van Haaren

55-65 year old lady, all gray hair, in front of me at the grocery store buying 6-24oz cans of Icehouse beer. Guess the tall boys need fewer trips to the 'frig.


Well let's give this a try

Wed 20 August 2003 by Kevin van Haaren

My hard drive started having intermittent problems. I couldn’t get it to be stable long enough to recover everything, although I can seem to recover individual files.

I decided to rebuild everything from scratch. In rebuilding Xoops I decided to use this weblog module instead of the old News module I was using. Not sure I’ll be able to recover my old entries or not. I’ll try for that later.