The iPad

Thu 28 January 2010 by Kevin van Haaren

I do like the iPad. I think its a new category of device. Fat iPod is a visual description but I think it does the device a disservice. I can't count the number of times I've talked to people that have gone to a dual monitor on their computer. It changes their workflow, they feel more productive, etc.... Technically that's just a fatter computer but it's made them use it in a different way.

I have the same feeling about the iPad. It's a dual screen iPhone and it's going to trigger different uses ...

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Mac Pro vs. iMac

Tue 24 November 2009 by Kevin van Haaren

Got into a debate about the future of the Mac Pro on twitter. I believe this all started from an article Ted Landau wrote for Mac Observer

I haven't read the whole thing but that hasn't stopped me before. Here's what I think it would take for the iMac to be able to replace the Mac Pro. Do I think this is likely? Not really, I do think it's got an outside possibility of occuring. I'd give it about 30% chance of happening in 5 years. Also note that I do assume both lines will ...

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Copyrighting Stupidity

Sun 23 March 2008 by Kevin van Haaren

The level of stupidity on the internet knows no bounds, but occasionally there are individuals that descend below even the typical train wreck mentality of the average internet user. And they usually start a blog.

Eventually the worst of the stupidity will get called out, usually by holding it up to the light, pointing and laughing in derision. And in typical fashion the derided will shake their little fists and stamp their little feet in anger and claim copyright violation.

Case in point. Global Geek News, a lie in every word as the site has nothing global in scope, the ...

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Apple vs. Think Secret

Wed 26 December 2007 by Kevin van Haaren

Mac rumor site Think Secret recently shutdown as part of an agreement with Apple. Apple sued Think Secret on January 5, 2005 after they published rumors about Apple’s plans to announce the iPod mini at the 2005 Macworld. Think Secret wasn’t the only rumor site at the time publishing rumors about Apple’s announcements, but Apple sued them to get the names of those that had leaked the information, and no one else, before actually making their announcments. This of course immediately lent credence to all of Think Secret’s claims, including claims that were wrong (such as ...

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Woohoo! Free Wireless

Wed 11 February 2004 by Kevin van Haaren

As you can tell from my domain name I consider myself to be somewhat of what Eric Cartman refers to as a “god damn hippie” (without the long hair or new age bullcrap). Part of this means sharing. So I’ve finally opened my wireless connection to anybody who wants to use it, for free.

The main reason I haven’t done this in the past is I like sharing things, but I’m not so insane as I don’t have stuff I want to keep private. So until I could develop a way to connect to my other ...

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My first applescript studio app

Fri 16 January 2004 by Kevin van Haaren

I wrote my first Applescript Studio. It’s a simple password generator but I think it’s pretty cool. If you have Mac OS X 10.2 or greater you can click here to download. I wrote with Apple’s XCode so the source may only be viewable on 10.3.

Applescript stuido is pretty neat. An admirable competitor to Visual Basic, with the huge benefit of being free (as in beer). The language scans funny if you’ve written in other languages, but it reads pretty well as english.

Here’s the core routine that generates a password. PassLen ...

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I know what hell will be like

Fri 05 December 2003 by Kevin van Haaren

I’ve found out what hell will be like. In hell you will have a Tivo with the best setup imaginable — plasma screen tv, surround sound system, digital cable AND satellite tv — but no remote control.

This isn’t “too lazy to get up and hit the button” issue, the Tivo has no front controls! Did you hear that? THE TIVO HAS NO FRONT CONTROLS!

Worst 2 hours of my life looking for that damn remote. I’m just glad my mind isn’t so far gone (yet) that I can proudly say it was NOT in the refrigerator.


Finally, secure e-mail connections

Thu 09 October 2003 by Kevin van Haaren

Took me a few days to figure out what I was doing but I’ve now got my external server offering pop3 and smtp over ssl connections. Since I don’t use FTP (hmmm, need to look into SFTP next) I’ve eliminated all cleartext password passing from my server (well, except for the password for this web site. Guess I’ll work on that in a couple of months)

My smtp server has always used CRAM-MD5 authentication so that password was never cleartext, but my pop server has been.

An added advantage of moving to SSL connections is that ...

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GPS Rocks

Sun 24 August 2003 by Kevin van Haaren

I’m in Dallas having all kinds of fun. Driving in Dallas is very (very) frustrating if you’ve never been here before. So when I picked up my rental car and they gave me an option of upgrading to a slightly bigger car with free GPS I did it.

This kicks. You pick your destination, usually by address or intersection. They have other options such as a Yellow Pages lookup but that sucks (we had get a replacement part from a computer store. We looked up CompUSA in the yellow pages and the closest it found was in Louisiana ...

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