Mac Pro vs. iMac

Tue 24 November 2009 by Kevin van Haaren

Got into a debate about the future of the Mac Pro on twitter. I believe this all started from an article Ted Landau wrote for Mac Observer

I haven't read the whole thing but that hasn't stopped me before. Here's what I think it would take for the iMac to be able to replace the Mac Pro. Do I think this is likely? Not really, I do think it's got an outside possibility of occuring. I'd give it about 30% chance of happening in 5 years. Also note that I do assume both lines will ...

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Copyrighting Stupidity

Sun 23 March 2008 by Kevin van Haaren

The level of stupidity on the internet knows no bounds, but occasionally there are individuals that descend below even the typical train wreck mentality of the average internet user. And they usually start a blog.

Eventually the worst of the stupidity will get called out, usually by holding it up to the light, pointing and laughing in derision. And in typical fashion the derided will shake their little fists and stamp their little feet in anger and claim copyright violation.

Case in point. Global Geek News, a lie in every word as the site has nothing global in scope, the ...

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Apple vs. Think Secret

Wed 26 December 2007 by Kevin van Haaren

Mac rumor site Think Secret recently shutdown as part of an agreement with Apple. Apple sued Think Secret on January 5, 2005 after they published rumors about Apple’s plans to announce the iPod mini at the 2005 Macworld. Think Secret wasn’t the only rumor site at the time publishing rumors about Apple’s announcements, but Apple sued them to get the names of those that had leaked the information, and no one else, before actually making their announcments. This of course immediately lent credence to all of Think Secret’s claims, including claims that were wrong (such as ...

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Harry Potter and the World Wars

Mon 16 July 2007 by Kevin van Haaren

Somebody will write a thesis about this someday I’m sure, but it struck me the other day that there were some weird similarities between early 20th century history, and the Harry Potter storyline. I frequently hear these kind of suppositions made about books like the Lord of the Rings, but generally you can make draw similarities between any story with an over-arching evil person and Hitler. The Harry Potter storyline struck me more in it similarities with the history of both world wars, rather than just World War II.

World War I was a long drawn out war of ...

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More updating

Sat 25 November 2006 by Kevin van Haaren

More updating of the site. I’m still goofing around with the RSS Feeds section. There were some things I didn’t like about the old one. I like the new one a bit better, but I think I need to tweak it a bit more.

I’ve also setup a gallery for photos I’ve taken. Currently I’ve got some images from my trip to New Orleans and pictures of my cats. Thrilling stuff.

Kevin’s Photos


New site look

Fri 09 June 2006 by Kevin van Haaren

welcome to the new site look. I’m pretty happy with it overall. Only downside is those collapasable sections of web links don’t work in IE 6. Of course. I don’t use IE 6 much so I’m debating if i’ll bother to fix it. Probably. I also want the arrows to point to the right when collapse, and point down when opened. Shouldn’t be too hard to do, I learned some neat tricks with CSS and raster images that emulate old sprite behavior in 2D games.

This is pretty much a straight port of the ...

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More analysis not more data

Wed 22 March 2006 by Kevin van Haaren

Read stories about what we knew about the 9/11 hijackers before 9/11 and most of them read like this:

Moussaoui Trial

Over and over again it is shown that red flags were thrown up about people taking airline training, interested in flying but not take-offs/landings, etc….

Pretty clear that we had the information in front of us that something was going on but that we failed to connect the dots and see what was being planned.

Unfortunately since 9/11 all the administration wants to do is gather more dots, not actually spend time putting the dots ...

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This month in music

Wed 19 October 2005 by Kevin van Haaren

I subscribe to at their top level, which I means I get 90 tracks at month for $20 (or about 22 cents a track, take that iTunes). Plus the music is in pure MP3, no DRM, no limitiations on what device I can use, no limits on burning to CD. All around a good deal.

EMusic has a feature called Save for Later. Basically I browse and search for tracks during the month and add them to my Save for Later list. Frequently I don’t remember why I added them, that’s why some of my descriptions ...

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