And now a miracle occurs

Sat 10 September 2005 by Kevin van Haaren

There is an episode of South Park where the Underpants Gnomes explain business to the boys. The Gnomes have a business plan that consists of 3 steps:

Step 1 – Collect Underpants
Step 2 – ???
Step 3 – PROFIT!

Unfortunately nobody knows exactly what step 2 is, only that it leads to profit, and that it will occur.

Underpants Gnomes

Equally unfortunately the more I observe the operation of the Bush administration the more I think their planning is equally inept. Their planning for Iraq seemed to be:

  1. Defeat Army!
  2. ???
  3. Democracy!

When they got to step 2 they just kind of assumed we ...

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The Daily Show

Wed 27 July 2005 by Kevin van Haaren

I’ve been saying it for years, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart is the best political commentary show around.

Last year he went on a rampage on Crossfire and CSPAN berating them for their style of inviting people at the show and then yelling over them and basically pummeling them. Stewart was totally on target. Those shows suck. They have since they were invented, I want to hear positions stated, attacked and defended — not who can yell the loudest or be the biggest ass.

Jon Stewart vs. Crossfire

One fair criticism that Crossfire had was that The Daily Show ...

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My Music Library

Sun 10 July 2005 by Kevin van Haaren

I found a neat program tonight. It dumps an iTunes Library to a lovely HTML formatted series of pages.

iTunes Publisher

So of course I dumped out my listing of 13,352 songs. Peruse the list at your leisure.

My Music Library

and no, you can’t download the MP3s. And my collection is legally obtained. Either ripped from my own CD’s or from


Beers I've Drunk (3)

Mon 06 June 2005 by Kevin van Haaren

Hmmm, this latest round of topics is making me out to be a drunk. Guess I better come up with some new topics.

In the meantime, my latest beer is from the Point Brewery. I must say I’ve been wanting to try Point beer for years. It’s the only beer I’ve had that came high recommended by a comic book. Mike Baron’s character the Badger frequently drank Point beer, which until recently seems to have been available just in Wisconsin.

When I saw bottles of Point available in the local HyVee (which has a good selection ...

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Beers I've Drunk (2)

Thu 02 June 2005 by Kevin van Haaren

Widmer Hefeweizen

Excellent beer. Had this in Seattle with a very pleasant crab fettucini. If I hadn’t been so tired I would’ve enjoyed more than the two I had. Next time I’m in Portland Oregon I’ll need to do the tour of the place.


Beers I've Drunk (1)

Sun 08 May 2005 by Kevin van Haaren

I’m in Baltimore. Had a lovely beer, with an unpronounceable name, that I’ve enjoyed before.

Yuengling Beer

I believe I had the “Premium Beer”. Yuengling (I think pronounced Ying-ling,) is out of Pennsylvania and seems to mainly be served mainly in the Northeast. The first time I had it was 2 years ago, also when I was in Baltimore. Then again a few months ago in Pennsylvania.

Oh, I don’t bother trying to descibe beer tastes as I’m terrible at that kind of thing. Just know my tastes run to “sweeter” or lighter beers. I don ...

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What I did on New Year's Vacation

Mon 03 January 2005 by Kevin van Haaren

Computerwise I had a busy weekend.

First, it’s the turn of the year so I changed out a bunch of my passwords. Even my pgp and ssh private key passphrases changed. Actually took me a while to go to the most common web pages i use and change my passwords. Not to mention all my root and user passwords on my linux boxen.

Then I learned how to setup an Apache DAV server (no not on this server, so don’t bother trying.)

Then I figured out how to setup a wiki server, these are pretty damn cool. I ...

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The World's Only Tape Eating Cat?

Fri 24 December 2004 by Kevin van Haaren

One of my 2 cats is the sweetest most well-behaved kitty you’d ever meet (the other, on the other hand, is a little ruffian.) However she has the weirdest habit I’ve ever seen — she loves adhesive, specifically tape and labels. I pick up the lint roller (don’t act all surprised, I have and use a lint roller, but only since I got the cats) and she is all around me wanting to eat the sticky sheets. Peel a price tag off, same deal. I have to actually put away my scotch tape rolls so she won’t ...

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