Welcome to SuperFantasmoWorld!

Sat 13 November 2004 by Kevin van Haaren

Yeah, I changed the domain name. Something I do on occasion. The old URLs still work, but hey it was time for a new name.

I’ll probably redo the logo and the colors shortly too.


Why I'm not voting for George W. Bush

Sun 31 October 2004 by Kevin van Haaren

you probably assume from the domain name for this web site that i’m some sort leftist liberal that would never vote republican, but the truth is the domain name is more of a joke, and I have voted republican in the past.

I voted George H. W. Bush and on other occassions in lower races. I’m a big believer in split government, the more congress, the president and the judiciary argue the less gets done and the less governement that gest done the better off we all are.

Of course, from the statement that I believe in less ...

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No more coffee

Tue 28 September 2004 by Kevin van Haaren

So it’s been a little over a week since my last cup of coffee. When I got the root canal I figured I’d be on so much pain medication it would prevent the withdrawal hangovers. Plus I’d already cut back to a single small (small to me) cup a day anyway.

Today is the first real day I went coffeeless and pain medicationless (well until I got a headache in the afternoon). Not too bad, although I do think the headache this afternoon was caused by caffeine withdrawal.

I haven’t given up caffeine totally, still drinking ...

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What a crappy week/month

Sun 19 September 2004 by Kevin van Haaren

woosh, what a crappy month. My internal mail server crashed about a month ago (yes I have 2 mail servers). The internal one actually holds all my mail (about 8 years worth of mail). The cyrus database pointing to all the mailboxes went corrupt.

I decided it went corrupt because I was running Gentoo’s unstable installation (also known as ~x86) and compiling installing too many experimental kernels (the mm-sources). So first I rebuilt the entire OS using the gentoo-dev-sources (I still wanted a 2.6 kernel for firewire & XFS support) and the stable (x86) packages. That was last weekend ...

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New Site Theme

Sun 05 September 2004 by Kevin van Haaren

Welcome to the new site theme. I grabbed it from 7dana.com. I’m not totally happy with it yet, but I’ll tweak some things as I get time.

I think first I’ll try and get into a 2 column mode.

I do like my new logo though. I probably need to use some of the colors from the logo in the theme design.


The Weather Service needs a better sense of humor

Fri 13 August 2004 by Kevin van Haaren

I don’t know who was behind the recent hurricane naming but Tropical Storm Bonnie and Tropical Storm Charlie are bearing down on Florida, how they missed the obvious naming of Bonnie and Clyde I’ll never know. Somebody was asleep at the stick.

Latest map of Bonnie and Charlie


The Subservient President

Wed 04 August 2004 by Kevin van Haaren

Yeah, yeah, the subservient chicken was all the rage and now the subservient president is the cute site of the day. but for some reason i find it amazingly entertaining.

Click for the subservient president

Things I’ve found he’ll respond to:

  • count to ten
  • give the bird
  • dance for me
  • tell me a secret
  • pray
  • kill reagan (actually i think anything with reagan in it does this)
  • vote kerry
  • get osama
  • do a magic trick (same as get osama)
  • how can i win the war on terror (same as osama)
  • find wmd
  • give speech
  • raise money
  • laura
  • drink ...
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How to be Creative

Mon 02 August 2004 by Kevin van Haaren

The Gaping Void is a neat web site. Hugh Macleod, among other things, does art on the back of business cards.

However he’s done a bit on how to be creative that is totally brilliant. A must read.

How to be creative

Be sure to click the More links under some of the points that have further thoughts.