My First Web Page

Sun 28 March 2004 by Kevin van Haaren

Way back when the internet was still pretty young (1997) I did my first commerical web page for the wife of a co-worker. I recently found my notes from the project and thought I would look up to see if the pages and the company were still around.

The company is Indigo Wild, yes they still exist, although i’m not sure it’s still owned by the same person. They make natural soaps and such. Click the link above to see their current web site. The one I did for them is available via the wayback machine.

On the whole I think the pages hold up pretty darn well. One of the primary considerations of the day was that they load fast, accomplished by keeping the amount of text high and the graphics sizes small.

Couple of things I’d wished I’d done is put navigation links at the top and bottom of the page instead of just the bottom. And made the logo at the top of each page link back to the home page (I’m not sure that was a standard back then like it is now.)

And as with most of my pages, it was hand-coded. Probably in BBEdit under Mac OS 8 (I still use BBEdit for my pages, but under Mac OS X now).

Under no circumstances blame me for the How to Order or the Contacting Indigo Wild pages. Somebody else modified those, probably when the business change from home based. Hopefully Emily didn’t do those pages (or ever reads this page) because I think they are terrible.