No more coffee

Tue 28 September 2004 by Kevin van Haaren

So it’s been a little over a week since my last cup of coffee. When I got the root canal I figured I’d be on so much pain medication it would prevent the withdrawal hangovers. Plus I’d already cut back to a single small (small to me) cup a day anyway.

Today is the first real day I went coffeeless and pain medicationless (well until I got a headache in the afternoon). Not too bad, although I do think the headache this afternoon was caused by caffeine withdrawal.

I haven’t given up caffeine totally, still drinking coke and tea, but today was about the most of cut out, just some ice tea and a coke for lunch, but I am working on cutting that down some (especially the coke.) At the moment I’m drinking a lovely orange spice chai.

Oh, and I know dark gray text on an orange background is hard to read. I’m working on fixing it (and a bunch of other things too.)