October Sucks

Mon 13 October 2003 by Kevin van Haaren

October officially sucks. Of the 4 accidents I’ve been in since getting out of college 3 have been in October. 3 accidents in 3 years was bad (2 of those in October, 1 in August) but this month officially takes the cake.

Here it is not even halfway through the month and I had 3 cavities drilled and filled. A week of intense tooth pain after that, go back to dentist and get a root canal.

Now to top things off, I was driving down the road and some moron decides to make a right turn from the center lane. Starts the turn and hesitates. I started braking but at the hesitation I figure they’re going to wait for me to pass. Nope, as soon i come up a little behind the truck they start the turn. Gah, I dodge right into the intersecting street, start to come back to the main street and tag the curb with my right front tire. Car immediately starts wobbling. So I pull over, while the moron that pulled this stunt takes off down the street.

Wonderful, just wonderful.