This is the blog of Kevin van Haaren. I am a Windows system administrator, currently administering a document management system for an engineering company. I have a degree in Electrical Engineering but only worked in that capacity for about 4 years (a long time ago.)

In technology preferences for personal use I lean towards Apple products. My home computers started with my parents' Apple //e, through Mac Performas, mac minis and my current iMac. I also use Linux (mainly in its server capacities). This blog is hosted from a Linux server.

Because of the nature of civil engineering software my work life has almost exclusively been Microsoft products. DOS 3 through Windows 95, Windows XP, Windows 7. Servers from Windows NT to Windows 2008.

I occasionally write for TidBITS. I like beer. And from reading this site you've no doubt figured out I like politics, science, history and science fiction/fantasy books.

About This Site

I run this site on a virtual server from Host Virtual. The OS is Gentoo Linux.