The Subservient President

Wed 04 August 2004 by Kevin van Haaren

Yeah, yeah, the subservient chicken was all the rage and now the subservient president is the cute site of the day. but for some reason i find it amazingly entertaining.

Click for the subservient president

Things I’ve found he’ll respond to:

  • count to ten
  • give the bird
  • dance for me
  • tell me a secret
  • pray
  • kill reagan (actually i think anything with reagan in it does this)
  • vote kerry
  • get osama
  • do a magic trick (same as get osama)
  • how can i win the war on terror (same as osama)
  • find wmd
  • give speech
  • raise money
  • laura
  • drink
  • what should I do to the prisoner