The World's Only Tape Eating Cat?

Fri 24 December 2004 by Kevin van Haaren

One of my 2 cats is the sweetest most well-behaved kitty you’d ever meet (the other, on the other hand, is a little ruffian.) However she has the weirdest habit I’ve ever seen — she loves adhesive, specifically tape and labels. I pick up the lint roller (don’t act all surprised, I have and use a lint roller, but only since I got the cats) and she is all around me wanting to eat the sticky sheets. Peel a price tag off, same deal. I have to actually put away my scotch tape rolls so she won’t shred them and eat the plastic tape.

Going to the fount of all knowledge, Google, I search for tape eating cats and only turn up the tip that puttin double-stick tape on a plant will keep them from being eaten by cats. They forget to mention if your cat likes tape it isn’t much of a deterrent.