This month in music

Wed 19 October 2005 by Kevin van Haaren

I subscribe to at their top level, which I means I get 90 tracks at month for $20 (or about 22 cents a track, take that iTunes). Plus the music is in pure MP3, no DRM, no limitiations on what device I can use, no limits on burning to CD. All around a good deal.

EMusic has a feature called Save for Later. Basically I browse and search for tracks during the month and add them to my Save for Later list. Frequently I don’t remember why I added them, that’s why some of my descriptions might be slightly vague.

Here’s what I picked up this month:

Hard-Headed Woman: A Celebration of Wanda Jackson – I love rockabilly and I love Wanda Jackson’s stuff. Plus they have one of my favorite Wanda Jackson songs, Fujiama Mama, by one of my favorite bands, Trailer Bride.

Dark Snack – speaking of Trailer Bride, this is the lead singers new band.

Whip It On – I think I heard this band on Sonic Spectrum on KCUR here in KC. Best damn radio show ever.

Memory-Minus I think I picked this up because of an EMusic review.

The Donnas Turn 21 I saw The Donnas on Adam Corolla’s Too Late show. They were hot. (Yes I’m a guy that will pick up a cd if i think the artists are hot. I’m just like every other guy in the world)

Hope is a Thing with Feathers more Trailer Bride.

Absenter b/w Chinese Fork Tie My brother got me a Jawbox album many years ago which I enjoy very much. This is an EP of theirs.

This has leaves me with 2 tracks left, which don’t roll over so I pick some random tracks from my save for later list. Fortunately EMusic keeps track of whay you’ve purchased and if you redownload something it doesn’t count against your downloads for the month.