Werid Things I've Seen (3)

Tue 09 December 2003 by Kevin van Haaren

Just remembered this from my trip to Mississippi a few weeks ago (must’ve blacked it out of memory).

When I travel I end up spending lots of time in hotel rooms, and if said hotel room is sans fast internet connection the concept of hooking up the ‘ole laptop ~~to search for pr0n~~ to read the news is just a bit too much to bear. So I read. A lot.

In Mississippi I was bored out of my mind at nights so I read 3 or 4 books that week. I usually only bring a few with me, so I wandered into a bookstore to replenish the supply. Nice bookstore, lots of books, actually had seperate fantasy and science fiction section (usually they are just lumped into one big geek section, not too distant from the computer books). But the books were organized in seemingly random order.

Not by alphabetical by author, although many books by the same author were frequently grouped together. Not by title — not even close. They obviously didn’t know what they had on hand, I found 3 different printings of some books — in different parts of the store.

Near as I can figure they used one of two systems it’s either:
1. when new stuff comes in, push everything to the right and shove it in. 2. when new stuff comes in, shove it in an open space.

I’m leaning towards 2, but I did find some fairly old printings of books in the lower left corner of the shelving.